The TI Process

In order to help organisations understand, articulate and measure their intended impact we provide a bespoke facilitated workshop. The workshop, ran by an experienced facilitator, enables organisations to adopt new language to describe the specific type of impact they hope to achieve, then to develop a visual story of change – the process by which transformation occurs, and finally, in alignment with these, to begin to put in place creative and suitable ways to measure to what extent this transformative story is being enacted. The interactive workshop usually lasts between 3-4 hours.

The workshop helps organisations develop a framework for measuring impact based on their own mission, purpose and values – not based on meeting externally imposed targets and not acting as if all kinds of impact should be reduced down to a monetary amount.

The Transformational Index - Workshops

Language for Impact — Story of Change — Measuring Transformation



Before the workshop the facilitator will:

  • Contact the organisation’s management to determine outcomes for the workshop and recommend who should be at the workshop – we encourage the presence of all key decision makers and, where suitable, representatives of key stakeholders.
  • Recommend that the organisation play the TI Org-Unity game as a means of preparing for the workshop (forthcoming).


After the workshop the facilitator creates:

  • An in-depth report/analysis of the workshop.
  • An infographic visualising the organisation’s impact.
  • A bespoke action plan.
  • The opportunity to join the Transformational Index learning community.


A follow-up phase will ensure that organizations are deriving the full benefits of the TI by using it to track their performance and learning over time.