The Transformational Index Workshop


Gain clarity around impact that will help your organisation improve its core mission, communicate its impact and – crucially – unlock resources, all in a fast, value-for-money way. 

The main tool – and core offering – of the TI Group is the Transformational Index workshop. This has been used with over 200 organisations – social enterprises, charities, foundations & funds, and social investors.

The workshop, run by an experienced facilitator, enables organisations to adopt new language to describe the specific type of impact they hope to achieve. Based on this, a visual modelti_cards_edit of transformation is developed, which describes the process by which transformation occurs. Finally, in alignment with these, we will help you begin to put in place creative and practical ways to measure to what extent this transformative story is being enacted. After the workshop you will receive a bespoke report that captures the learning from the workshop and offers insight and analysis on your organisation’s model of transformation and critical reflection on your measurement framework.

Creating a formulaBy the end of this process, your organisation will have a robust model of how it achieves impact with clear measures to track and share to demonstrate the positive difference you make. The nature of the workshop also means that participants should have a good understanding of each other’s positions and a high degree of consensus on how transformation can be achieved.