Privacy Policy

Most of what we do resembles what every organisation does:

  • We hold data on the people in our organisation;
  • We hold data on clients and suppliers.

In these cases, there is a common sense and legal basis for holding this (consent and a contract).

The main area of our work that relates to processing personal data is our work on social impact, where we act as one or both of a data controller and/or data processor. The types of activities that are relevant here include:

  • Requesting data from clients on their service users that they already hold;
  • Surveying people who use the services of a client or collaborate with them;
  • Interviewing people who use the services of the client or collaborate with them.

In these cases, we check that there is a legitimate interest in using the data to understand the social impact of our clients and help them improve their reporting and performance, to the benefit of current and future users of their services. Where it is not to the detriment of our work, we either do not request personal information, or we ask for it to be anonymised, or we anonymise it ourselves.

If we do require personal data, we either ask for consent where we are collecting it directly, explaining the purpose or, if it comes from a client, we work with them to ensure that we are respecting people’s privacy and that there is an appropriate basis for its collection and use. Wherever we hold personal data, it is held on secure servers that are only accessible to our team. Particularly sensitive data has additional protection.

We are bound by client confidentiality and respect the privacy of the people we work with. Unless required to do so by law (something that’s not been asked of us yet), we do not share data with third parties without prior written permission.

This privacy policy may change from time to time in line with legislation or industry developments. We will not explicitly inform our clients or website users of these changes. Instead, we recommend that you check this page occasionally for any policy changes.

The data controller of this website is Cocreate Co-operative Limited, a Registered Society with company number: 32043 R. Our registered office is 54 Claremont Road, London, E7 0PZ. Our operating office is 142 Narrow Street, London, E14 8BP.