What have we done?

To date, the TI has been used with over 200 organisations, including:

  • Businesses
  • Social Enterprises
  • Charities
  • Faith-based Organisations
  • Foundations
  • Community Development Funds

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These organisations are based in a variety of sectors, from health, education and youth projects; to information technology, disability & employment, and training.

To demonstrate how the TI has been used in particular contexts, we have permission to share the results a number of clients have had with the TI. If your particular type of organisation, or the sector you work in is not featured, please contact us for more information as to what the TI might look like in your context.




We are Learning Partner to the Access – the Foundation for Social Investment. Access was created in 2015 with a ten year mission to help charities and social enterprises access the capital they need to grow their impact. We are now developing a comprehensive plan to support learning and impact and secure Access’ legacy.



Resonance is a social investment firm which uses the TI tools across its funds and ventures, where 29 individual clients have used them so far. This work includes the £58m Real Lettings Property Fund where the TI team has authored three annual social impact reports with Resonance and St Mungo’s, most recently for 2016/17. We also author annual social impact reports on the National Homelessness Property Fund and Bristol SITR Fund.  In 2016, Resonance became licensed to use the TI Group’s tools and products, to boost its capacity for impact-led investment across the whole business. They require both their investors and their funded social enterprises to use it.



The Imagine Foundation is a young, innovative and highly relational grant-making foundation working with early stage charities, social enterprises and community projects serving vulnerable people. The TI Group has worked with the Foundation to design and implement their impact measurement framework. Inspired by this experience, Imagine Foundation commissioned the TI to do the same with eight of their fundees. We have helped Imagine Foundation make strategic organisational decisions based on the evidence of the difference they are making. This has involved: designing measurement tools; gathering data and feedback; attending trustee meetings; running workshops at their yearly gathering; and writing their first impact report.


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The School of Hard Knocks (SoHK) is a charity that uses rugby and other sports as a life coaching tool to help people overcome challenges related to unemployment, poor health, antisocial behaviour and crime. It encourages people, through a programme of training and coaching, to take responsibility for making changes in their own lives.

SoHK required a tool to measure impact for its end users. Although it already had some systems in place, it wasn’t sure if it was measuring the right things and they created a considerable administrative burden for a small organisation.

Working with the TI team, School of Hard Knocks discerned what transformation looked like for them, chose a small number of measures, and established quick and effective methods of collecting the information. The TI team designed a highly visual survey for participants to assess changes in their behaviour and outlook, as well as a simple session assessment tool for use by coaches to track the progress of each group. These provide robust ongoing evidence of transformation in the lives of participants, based on School of Hard Knocks unique approach. They fit with its existing processes, taking less time and paperwork as well as being more usable for participants and staff.

School of Hard Knocks are now testing the systems before working with the TI team to evaluate the results, including producing an infographic, and modifying any of the systems if necessary.